COVID19: The safest place to be during this uncertain time is in the comfort of your own home

Providing industry standard live-in & home care to keep you happy at home

Here at Lifeline Care, we provide a wide variety of services that allow your loved ones to continue living happily and safely in their own homes. Trying to make the right decision about your loved one’s care can be a stressful and uncertain time. That is why at Lifeline Care we aim to take the stress away and help you make the right decision to meet you and your loved ones needs. The two main types of care we offer are:

Live-in Care

Live-in care provides your loved one with full-time 24-hour care.

From £700 a week

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Domiciliary & Respite Home Care

Providing you with all the assistance you need to keep happy and at home.

From £19 per visit

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What makes Lifeline Care Different?

With any live-in care or domiciliary home care package, you will also receive a Lifeline24 pendant alarm.

The Lifeline24 alarm pendant gives you the power to call for help when you need it! It’s around your wrist or neck, so even if you’ve fallen and can’t get back to your feet, you can still press it and our Response Team will arrange help for you.

Your pendant can be worn at all times, including in the bath or shower, as it is waterproof. With an impressive range of up to 100 metres, you can also wear your pendant in the garden.

Benefits of live-in or home care


Staying in the comfort of your own home - Without the restriction of scheduled care home visiting hours, Lifeline Care can provide your loved one with the joys of everyday life from your home.


Personalised Care Package- Lifeline Care offer personalised packages to suit all needs. Whether its administering medicine, giving a helping hand at mealtimes or even assistance with household chores, we will find the right fit for you.


Mental Health & Well Being - The support of a live-in or home carer not only helps your loved one out practically, but is also a great support for your loved one’s mental health and well being .


Stay close to your loved ones - A Lifeline Home Care package allows you to stay at home with your nearest and dearest, including spouse and pets!

How to find the right care for your loved one

Step 1
Give us a call

Call our friendly team, who will happily discuss all your care needs and advise you on the best care for your requirements.

Step 2

Our team will then arrange an assessment day where one of our team will come and assess your requirements.

Step 3

Once the plan is in place, our qualified professionals will begin their care.

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